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Characteristics of SUNLU Meta PLA

  • The printing temperature is 185~195℃. Lower printing temperature, means more energy saving and environmental protection, reduce printer loss
  • Good fluidity: The printing fluency is better than the existing PLA and PLA+, greatly improving the printing success rate.
  • Good fall resistance and impact resistance: After the fall test, the fall resistance is about one times better than the existing PLA and PLA+.

Biodegradable Material

SUNLU PLA Filament is made of premium PLA material (Polylactic Acid), which boasts complete biodegradation and lower melting temperature, even does not need a heated bed, with no odor during the printing.

Strict Quality Control

1.75MM Filament error is +0.02 Filament. Neatly arranged 100% tangle-free.

Stronger PLA

The PLA_META series is an improved version of PLA with better flow and impact resistance. It is one of the best PLA filament on the market. At the same time, it has a lower melting point and printing temperature, which can greatly reduce clogging and stringing, ensuring stable feeding and printing.

Smooth Printing

SUNLU PLA meta prints smoothly, with high purity, low shrinkage and excellent layer adhesion for your printing project needs for higher tenacity functional parts.

Vacuum Packaging

Sunlu keeps Filament dry by airtight packaging so that each roll of Filament arrives in the user’s hands in perfect condition.

Additional information

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Black, Grey, White, Cream White, Cherry Red, Sunny Orange, Mint Green, Ice Blue, Taro Purple


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