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NeedIT 3D – bed adhesion spray

NeedIT 3D – bed adhesion spray


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  • Lemon smell
  • Capacity 200ml
  • Temperature range: 30 – 350 ° C
  • Namenjeno materialom: ABS, PVA, HIPS, PLA, TPE, Z-PCABS, Z-PETG, Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, Z-GLASS, Z-HIPS
  • Can be washed from surface with water.
  • Careful removal of printed objects from glass is recommended (the adhesive is extremely strong, in the case of an over compressed first layer on the bed, the the printed object may be difficult to remove – we recommend the use of cold water, forcible removal is strongly discouraged)
  • Because it is not pressurized, it does not scatter around the room and other components of the 3D printer like some other sprays.
  • We don’t recommend for use on standard glass beds, borosilicate bed or mirrors
  • We do recommend for use on tempered glass, PEI sheets and other non-glass surfaces

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